DJ Ressie Cups


DJ Ressie Cups
"The Sweetest DJ On the 1's & 2's"

Creating a mood for a crowd of people you’ve never met and catering to tastes you don’t know
is a challenge. Lucky for the world, Dj Ressie Cups is up for all the task.

Growing up, Dj Ressie Cups found herself surrounded by music. As a child, when no one was
looking, she would find herself in the basement pouring herself into her parents old cassette
collection. The music fix would grow stronger over time.

Before you knew it she discovered a love of music. That love jumped from hobby to a passion

“As I got older I became a singer, musician, and sound engineer. Djing was a smooth transition
for me and I loved it cause I got to express all my feelings and emotions to a crowd of people
through music.”

Since then, Dj Ressie Cups has spent time honing her skills touring around the world and
playing a wide-range of gigs. Playing in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Canada and many other
countries and cities exposed her to a new world when it comes to Djing.

Not conforming herself to one genre, Ressie Cups can go from pop to Hip-Hop with ease. “I spin
any and everything. I Love all music.”

Crafting the perfect soundtrack can be daunting task, but Dj Ressie Cups takes the job of
catering to a wide-array of people serious.

“As the dj you really dictate everyone's party mood, and no matter what kind of day you have
had the party goers don’t care. They came to party and hear good music.”

And that’s what Dj Ressie Cups provides when behind the turntables . An organic musical
moment that will leave the crowd feeling alive and better than when they came in.

“When I see the crowd moving and dancing, smiling and just enjoying the night is how I know that I’m in my zone. It's a high that most people use drugs to get, its euphoric.”

Whether performing at a corporate event, a festival or in a club, radio or private party, Dj Ressie
Cups can set the right mood.


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