DJ Purp


Best Female DJ in Atlanta

DJ Purp is California-bred but Atlanta Fed. Not only is she beautiful, but she's a proficient DJ. Being immersed in music all her life she claims herself a musical connoisseur, actively listening to all kinds of music, from trap/hip hop to pop/ edm and everything in between.
Growing up in a home with a deep Carribean influence, the love of beats and rhythms is genetically grained into her persona. As a junior in high school, she was known for being the musical genius throughout the school as well as knowing her way around the audio equipment in the school. She came out of high school DJing at teen clubs until she built clout for herself.
She's been DJing in Atlanta for ten years now. The city knows her as DJ Purp, she's DJ'd everywhere in the city from Lacura to Museum bar, where's she's done LGBT events and Silent parties.
She's DJ'd for known artists like Kash Doll, at her meet and greet at Massappeals Atlanta, and Diamond, from Crime Mob's episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop.
In the underground and independent scene she promotes good independent music artists and works with independent events like SpokenTrap produced by ColeCash Ent. She's DJ for private events for people like Skittles, the Owner of the million dollar clothing line Cupcake Mafia, and for the business mogul Stormy Wellington.
DJ Purp has headlined along side of a few well known Atlanta DJ's such as DJ Prettyboy Tank and DJ Peter Parker, and held her own amoungst the legends


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