DJ JB Money


DJ JBMoney was born in Washington D.C. , but was raised on the southwest side of Atlanta, GA. Growing up in the SW area of Atlanta;

DJ JBMoney was greatly influenced by the music of Goodie Mob and Outkast, the founding hip hop acts of the Dirty South movement. Both rapped about the lifestyle of what was going on in that time when Atlanta was not the easiest place to live. With those influences, DJ JBMoney was able to gain a huge respect for Hip Hop and a strong love for all aspects of music in general. After trying to keep positive influences around, DJ JBMoney was able to survive the trail and tribulations of the SW Area of Atlanta. Despite the negative influences that was also vibrate throughout the SW, he was still able to finish his education at B.E. Mays High School.

After high school, DJ JBMoney wanted to pursue a career within the music industry as a promoter or dj. Unfortunately, since there were still negative influences that coincided with the SW ATL lifestyle, he was forced to become the average 9 to 5 individual. While he was working many 9 to 5 jobs, DJ JBMoney always keep the entrepreneur spirit and love for music in his heart. He eventually realized that every 9 to 5 job was leading him nowhere and that in order to achieve his goals in life was to pursue his passion.

Now, DJ JBMoney is keeping the entrepreneur spirit and love for music alive within himself by pursuing his passion and goal in life which is to be a successful dj. His purpose for wanting to dj is simply not because of the money djs make or the fame.

1. It is basically because of his wanting to help those upcoming underground mc’s,
who he associates himself with, earn their chance to be heard.

2. To be in a position where he can provide for his family.

3. His deep passion for wanting to share great music with others.


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